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Performance Film truck and Trailer

Performance Film began over a decade ago with two friends doing something they liked to make some extra income. Years passed, interests shifted and the friends happily parted ways. In the years since, the company has become a true family business. Owner, Chris Ritter, works regularly alongside his wife and their five daughters to bring style, privacy, and security to area homes, schools, and businesses.

If you see the Performance Film truck and trailer on the road, the chances are that you’ll find Chris and at least one other family member inside. Chris and his wife, Melissa, have five daughters together. The oldest, Adeline, teaches 4th grade in Fargo, ND. Thea attends St. Olaf College majoring in kinesiology and Norwegian. Cosette and Miriam both attend Tech High School in St. Cloud, MN. The youngest, Vivienne, attends South Junior High. All of the girls have spent some time working with dad.

Performance Film truck and Trailer

Starting their kids in the family business at a young age was important to Chris. He grew up working his parents’ family businesses and learned the value of hard work and the enjoyment of working with family early on. The first jobsite experiences for the girls were born out of necessity. If work needed to be done on a day when Vivienne didn’t have preschool, she got to hang out on the job with mom and dad! Eventually, transitioning into being the jobsite “gopher”, handing dad what he needed and picking up scraps. As the girls grew, they were able to learn how to properly wash and prep a window for film. As teenagers, the girls are able to apply graphics and film like pros! Coming back full circle, Chris has been joined on the jobsite by his parents as well. They are able to see first-hand the skills they taught their son as a child, now being taught to their grandchildren.

Performance Film truck and Trailer

Performance Film has provided privacy, security, and decorative film to many homes, schools, and businesses all over the state of Minnesota. There are many benefits of window film on buildings. These last few years in particular, with all of us spending so much more time at home, many people have reached out for some additional privacy for their houses. Window film can discreetly provide additional privacy for your windows allowing you to keep your blinds and curtains open more often. While providing that discreet privacy, window film also helps keep your interior temperatures regulated allowing your heat and air conditioning to run less frequently. With window film, you can sit in front of your windows, blinds open, and not feel the sweltering heat from the sun through the glass.

Window film can also just be fun! There are several varieties of decorative film with endless possibilities for design. Many area schools and businesses have taken advantage of the fun of decorative window film. This has been especially fun for the Ritter kids as they have been able to be a part of several of these projects; most of the girls were able to help with the local school projects that their friends see every day.

Performance Film is a family run, local business that provides a unique service to the Minnesota community. By combining three generations of the Ritter family working together, they are able to add privacy, security, and style to homes, schools, and businesses.

Why Choose Window film

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Sunlight is great, but too much is not. Reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home or office to increase your comfort and lower your energy bills. We can reduce hot spots and glare in the morning and afternoon. Make your home or office feel like the palace it is.

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Harsh UV light can take its toll on you. Our skin and eyesight both fall victim to the suns harsh rays. Protect them in your home or office. Window tint and privacy films can block harmful UV rays leaving you happy and healthy.

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Storms and vandalism can cause major damage to your investments. With safety & security films you can protect your valuables and prevent loss and damage.

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Storms and vandalism can cause major damage to your investments. With safety & security films you can protect your valuables and prevent loss and damage.

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